It was really nice weather so I strolled through the neighborhood and placed some christmas-calls: everybody in Germany just finished their Diner and went on to the gift-ceremony whilst I lowered my sunglasses, sat myself on the bench and let the sun do it’s work. Nice.

“Let’s meet at the main entrance of the MGM Casino”, I suggested. Johnny (the guy I met in Bryce’s Queens Garden) called as he just arrived from the Grand Canyon. We arranged for Dinner and a photo-tour through Las Vegas. “Sounds good to me, I stay just across the Strip at the ‘New York, New York’”, he returned. We agreed on 5:30 and I head back to the room to get ready.

In a way Las Vegas reminded me of the Sinai where I usually spent Christmas time. Sunny, but a desert all around.


Las Vegas

Sin City

Down to the Strip: in the foreground you can see Las Vegas’ Monorail.

After returning the car I explored the Hotel and went around a bit. There were a lot of construction areas all around the Strip, in between the classic casinos as someone knows them form the movies.

The MGM Grand