Some of the typical slot-machine  sounds were gone but the blinking lights still were everywhere. Even on the street gambling took place, like with a little wheel of fortune. We took a seat and had a - Crêpe, Nutella and Banana.

Strolling down the Strip we passed by the Bellagio and waited for next turn on the fountain. Loud music accompanied the show and I was glad not to have chosen this place to stay in. Johnny suggested to catch a bus to the older part of Las Vegas, Fremont St. I had no idea about another part in town and happily joined into that plan.

Las Vegas got a nice bus system traveling up and down the strip for just 2 Dollars one way. Comfortably one can pass by all the new Casnos but closing up to the Stratosphere, Las Vegas’ tower, you will see the change in the architecture and the  design of the Casinos. Passing by Circus Circus is leaving the modern part of the strip.


Las Vegas

Sin City

*Bling* *dideldadeldüü* a constant whistling and electronic beeping was in the air. I resisted the urge to turn around 180° a take some picture from the casino. “They will come and take your camera”, Johnny warned. Now that’s the advantage of those pocket-cams, they are way easier to hide than my SLR. I wouldn’t take a chance on this and we decided to go outside and hunt some more pictures.

Fremont St was the former center of Las Vega and tries nowadays to compete with the tourist attractions in the new Downtown. Besides old casinos wherein you can smell the age and history is to be seen on the worn carpets young artists seized their spots under a long roof covering the whole street. Johnny explained: “The roof will be the longest screen in the world, every half hour they show a movie on it.”